First night

So excited to get my first serious telescope. It is a dream come true. A Celestron Evolution 8″ with all the bells and whistles.

Even though my backyard is washed in ambient light from my neighboring lot I was very impressed with what I saw the first night:

The usual

  • Saturn : the most breathtaking heavenly object. So large and so beautiful. Here is a picture of a compatriot Celestron owner . Saturn amazes me everytime I see it.
  • Jupiter: stunning view of the bands

And the unusual:

  • M3: is one of the three brightest globular clusters in the northern sky in the constellation Canes

  • M13: The well known Hercules cluster. I remember seeing this in my 3″ reflector when I was 13 years old 🙂 Given the light pollution I am surrounded with it didn’t look much different than it 29 years ago 🙂